La Parrilla Winter, a fine dining grill house and bar which combines the finest meat in town with a wide variety of international dishes. The food is always health consciously prepared, with no oils or fats on anything we grill. New recipes constantly appear on our changing menu, giving you the chance to creatively challenge your taste buds.
We aim to offer the upmost quality of high standard service and products with the international norms of hygiene and quality control in a casual and relaxing environment.

At La Parrilla, we value satisfaction, trust, and passion where we develop and seek to strengthen, our partnership with guests as well as the team in order to offer the best dining experience.

Mireille Hayek, the owner, represents the passionate, talented, perseverant, detailed oriented woman who is always up to date with food trends, and constantly reviewing and fine-tuning her recipes using her exceptionally refined palette. All the food is made on site, in the kitchen, offering many international dishes and the finest meat in town. She is a remarkable woman, with a remarkable restaurant.

Mrs. Hayek’s passion for cooking began when she got married and had to cook for her family. She realized that she had a talent and was encouraged by her brother Dany Chaccour and her Husband Salim Hayek to open her first restaurant in Lebanon in 2006, a grill house & bar called “La Parrilla”. The success of her first restaurant led to the opening of a second restaurant concept in 2009 “Yasmina”, an Indian fusion restaurant, named after her daughter. Both restaurants reflected the highest quality in service and culinary arts, which then led to opening her crown jewel in 2011 “Em Sherif”, named after her son then the opening of "Em Sherif Café" in 2016. Since then they have worked together on all their restaurant projects, the brother managing the business and the sister in front of the house. She says: “He is the head and I am the heart”.