Great Food, Top Service

Reviewed January 23, 2015

This is by far one of the most elite restaurants in Beirut. The food is exquisite, the service is top notch, the decoration is breath taking, and everything is as clean as a whistle. Definitely recommended for all food lovers.

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Minas M.

Reviewed December 10, 2014

Excellent food, ambiance and service ! The meat quality is rare to find in Beirut , very good job, all the best to the team ! Bravo

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The best restaurant ever

Reviewed December 2, 2014

The most welcoming, glamorous and warm atmosphere ever. Every delicious bite leads to a heavenly experience!

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Best restaurant in Beirut!

Reviewed September 23, 2014

Yesterday i had dinner at La Parrilla and it was yummi. The meals were exquisite. Excellent service, great ambiance and waiters. Best restaurant in Beirut! 

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Great food excellent new set-up

Reviewed August 15, 2014

Visited the renovated location in Mar Maroun after having had a not so encouraging lunch at the temporary branch and was impressed! Not only is the food back to its original standard, the new decoration and set-up is great and added to the place the lighting (natural and enhanced) that it lacked before. The desserts are great we shared a couple of them and will definitely be back again to eat at the 'mirrors room'  

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Fine Dining Steakhouse

Reviewed August 13, 2014

Perhaps it is one of the few, if not only one fine dining steakhouses in Lebanon.
Unique decor, great customer service and simply enjoyable food.
Try the artichoke soup! Simply amazing. And their mozarella appetizer!

And their La Parilla Burger is actually one of my favorite burgers in Beirut so far! Top Notch!

The steak already gets you out of this world, soft, juicy and tender. Just perfect!
Their sauces have a unique taste and blend.

A very delightful, high quality, calm and relaxing dining experience.

Highly recommend if you are in Beirut. Not to be missed.  

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Best steakhouse

Reviewed July 29, 2014

La Parilla is by far the best steakhouse in Beirut.
The meat is perfect, the quality of the beef is outstanding, it's cooked perfectly.
We ordered an assortment of beef it was great, we got to try 3 different parts, some were more tender some were more tasty.
The interior design is beautiful, the cutlery is elegent, the waiters were very friendly and heplful.
I was very impressed.
It's a very good restaurant, not cheap but worth every dollar.
If you have never been, it's worth to go there for a small occasion.  

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Best upscale steak restaurant in lebanon

Reviewed June 8, 2014

La Parilla is a superb meat-lover's haven in Beirut. The fillets and steaks are just excellent and perfectly cooked to order , and the accompaniments are varied and superb. The service is attentive and prompt and the Ambience is great. The desserts are to die for especially their take on 'Pain Perdu'... highly recommend La Parilla..

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“Great Experience

Reviewed April 7, 2014

I visited Parilla last night with a frnd, First of all the interior is all renovated and new it looks fansy and great, the service was excellent and neat, I tried the sushi like salad its amazing so good and the Steak is one of the best in town. Thumbs up  

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BOB - Best Of the Best

Reviewed August 17, 2013

My brother knows the best restaurants in town, so he took me and my wife to LA PARILLA Stake House to taste their stake, since he is the expert I let him choose for me. It was a great steak in summery he didn't let me down. The service was prompt and the food was delicious. I got a steak with their own sauce. Simply delicious!!! I will go their again when I get the chance.  

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